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Founded in 1966, the Sterling Supergroup is a true member’s buying co- operative, with 52 wholesalers and an annual turnover in excess of £450 million. The membership consists of family owned wholesale companies located throughout the United Kingdom, supplying over 40,000 retail and catering outlets. Product ranges supplied include ambient, frozen, fresh and chilled food stuffs, alcohol, confectionery, crisps and snacks, tobacco, soft drinks and non-foods. The Sterling Supergroup is associated with a larger buying group with a turnover of £2 billion and this gives improved negotiating power. The wholesalers within Sterling support a national promotion programme arranged by the Head Office but retain their individual identity. They fall into the following main supply categories:


The wholesalers in this category supply the Catering Licensed and Impulse Trade. They pride themselves on exceptional service, keen pricing, product and customer knowledge and flexibility. Most Delivered Wholesalers have sales representation and/or tele-sales operators. The Frozen Food wholesalers within the Group operate a wide range of fully temperature controlled vehicles.


The Head Office is owned by wholesalers within the Group. A professional and experienced team negotiates with suppliers to ensure that the membership enjoys the best deals available. The Chief Executive, Anne Tomlinson has more than 30 years experience in the wholesale trade. National promotion activity is arranged through the Head Office with all major suppliers. Marketing information and progress reports are sent to members on a weekly basis. The Head Office provides a trouble shooting service for members and suppliers.


The Group is controlled by a board elected annually by the membership, at the AGM. Regular members meetings are held and an Annual Conference takes place in September. All members are equal shareholders, irrespective of the size of their company. The Group Head Office is non-profit making and all income is paid out in full to members.


A range of quality catering packs is available under the Sterling Label List.